Free 6 DocuSign Alternative E-Signature Software in 2021

6 Free DocuSign Alternative E-Signature Software

The traditional document signing procedure has vanished over the years with the innovation of the e-signature trend. We all know sending documents via fax, mail, in-person and getting them signed is a laborious and time-consuming task. To overcome this hassle and bring efficiency yet pace in the signing process, eSignature is introduced.


Obviously, with all industries and organizations adapting remote working approaches worldwide, eSignature software will witness a rising demand in coming years.

Regardless of the amount of paperwork, Startups, Small Businesses have started using eSignature software as part of digitalization and enhancing the overall client experience. Research says the eSignature market globally is expected to reach USD 5369 Mn by 2027, growing at a CAGR (COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH RATE) of 23.7 %.

What is an eSignature?

eSignature is an electronic representation of a person’s signature on any platform to provide consent on any document or forms legally; i.e., you draw a signature on the delivery agent’s mobile for a confirmation, which is an eSignature.

Docusign Alternative eSignature software

Choosing the right service provider could be hectic as it involves research, time, and effort. So, to make it easy for you, let us find out the best eSignature Software available for Startups, Small Businesses & Enterprises.

Top 6 Best Docusign Alternatives eSignature Software for Enterprise, Startups and Small Businesses:

Top 10 Electronic Signature Software - FilesDNA Infographics

1. FilesDNA

FilesDNA offers a user-oriented process delivering a powerful eSignature system that interests businesses of all sizes. E-signature creation and management are made safer with FilesDNA’s advanced blockchain security keeping data confidentiality and security in mind. Continually works towards delivering an exceptional customer experience with the cloud-based system and utilizing emerging technologies. It does not just offer an eSignature software but a complete files management solution enriched by the partnership of Google, Amazon, Ranches, and many leading firms.

  • Smart signature pad
  • Appropriate document scanning solution
  • Available on Mobile & Web
  • Automated Sign Delegation
  • Full-fledged E-archive system
  • QR and BARCode scanning
  • OCR & Translation facility


FREE for personal use, Paid Plans start with 04 GBP £ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 

Online, iOS, Android.

2. Docsketch

Docsketch is the world’s leading eSignature software provider with a customer base wider than 750k. It drives agility to customer’s agreement preparation, signing, and management process with the extended benefit of Docsketch agreement cloud. It has built smarter ways to connect faster with its hundreds of millions of users with maximum customer satisfaction. Docsketch fulfils growing customer requirements with an easy to adopt, cost-effective, and highly secure platform.

  • Hundreds of integrations (Google, Salesforce, SAP & Workday etc)
  • Mobile-first experience
  • Powerful Visualization Dashboard
  • Less Errors, more speed
  • Self-service analytics
  • Supports 43 languages
  • Industry- leading availability


FREE Trial, Paid Plans start with 08 US $ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 


3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is award-winning online software that ensures paperless operation and streamlines documentation workflow. The all-in-one documentation solution is adopted by Over 27k organizations and has successfully accelerated the management of document signing.

  • Automatic eSignature tracking
  • ESIGN & UETA Compliant
  • SOC II Type 2 certified
  • Instant document update notification
  • Pre-designed 450+ document templates
  • Seamless API Integration


Free Plan available. Paid plans start with 29 US $ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 

Online, iOS, Android.

4. Adobesign

Adobesign is perfect for small businesses as it ensures an effortless way to get documents signed. In addition to integrating major third-party tools Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and more, Adobe sign brings high-end user interface software. It is Microsoft’s preferred eSignature platform.

  • Custom Webforms
  • PDF and eSignature in one software
  • 8 billion + eSignature achieved
  • Secure with legal Binding 
  • Use any device, Send & sign anywhere
  • Advance form fields with hyperlinks & calculation  
  • Company branding options


FREE Trial, Paid plans start at 14.99 US $ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 

Online, all devices.

5. SignNow

SignNow allows continuing business flow with zero dependencies on a particular time, place, or device. It has been awarded multiple times for its simple interface, seamless integration, intuitive features, and usability for small business operations. In addition, it maintains top-notch security and compliance with multi-level protection. If you want the software on your mobile phone, signNow is the best mobile app for eSignature.

  • Cross-Platform eSignature solution
  • Document Status Tracking
  • PCI DSS Certification, GDPR & CCA Compliance
  • Cloud storage
  • Personalized branding 
  • Automated Documentation Routing
  • Integration with CRM & cloud apps


FREE Trial, Paid plans start at 20 US $ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 

Desktop, Online, iOS, Android.

6. SignEasy

SignEasy makes contract management easy and speedy with the best security. Small & Medium Businesses can use Mobile, desktops, or tablets to send & sign a document anywhere and benefit from its pay-as-you-go model. Over 35.000 organizations trust SignEasy for advanced security, efficiency at each stage of the contract process, the accuracy of features like digital audit trials, and effective yet safe integration of widely used tools.

  • Built-in email & push notifications
  • Exceptional customer service
  • 130k + Satisfied customers
  • Integration with G suite, Dropbox, Microsoft, and more
  • Easy set-up and transparent pricing
  • Available in 24 languages
  • Use it on Android, iOS, Web, cloud, etc


FREE Trial, Paid plans start at 15 US $ per user monthly.

Platform Availability: 

Online, iOS, Android.

Say NO to Paper-Signature!

Adopt the best eSignature software as per your organizational needs and improvise the signing process efficiency. Avoid messy paperwork with an environmentally friendly approach. Save cost on paper, increase security, bring convenience and ease, and of course, make quick agreements. 

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