How Free E-Signature Solution Can Be Helpful For Start-Ups

Startups are going the extra mile towards implementing technology in each process, leveraging convenience and benefits for their team and customers. The technology is widespread across the world across multiple industries. Be it Engineering, Accounting & Tax, IT, Finance, Government bodies, legal, E-commerce, Insurance or SaaS industry, experts recommend using free e-signature solution to improve efficiency.

The technology is widespread across the world across multiple industries. Be it Engineering, Accounting & Tax, IT, Finance, Government bodies, legal, E-commerce, Insurance or SaaS industry, the permissively accepted E-signature trend is all over.

Such software brings several profits not only for startups but SMBs and large enterprises as well. Despite being an essential part of document management, the Free e-signature solution is a significant contributor to the cost-saving plans of startups.

However, the advantages don’t confine to cost reduction or ease of the process. There is so much more startups could gain with a proper e-signature solution. So let’s discuss several unique benefits and know how the e-signatures are helpful to startups?

Benefits of Free E-signature Solution for Startups

1.   Faster Contracts 

Unlike the traditional signing method, e-signature makes the process faster by eliminating time-consuming tasks. As a result, contracts, Documents, and agreements are shared and signing within a fraction of time. Startups run at a superfast pace and are likely to accommodate time in multiple tasks, so getting contracts updated and executed faster is one great benefit. In addition, E-signature saves valuable time for startups that they could have spent collecting the paper signatures.

2.   Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

There is no requirement to visit clients or customers to get the document signed. Share document from anywhere with e-signature solution online and get it signed. Some of the best e-signature tools like FilesDNA, Docusign, Adobesign are also accessible on smartphones. With e-signature mobile apps It is no more location or device dependency. You can easily open and sign the pdf or word documents from the mobile app itself.

free eSignature solution

3.   No cost digitalization

Startups have low resource strength, and multiple users don’t require e-sign tools as there are fewer authoritative members. Reducing the operational cost helps out when running a low budget. They need to save wherever possible and yet find a better path towards advancement so startups can avail free e-signature solutions and digitalize the signing process without spending any money.

Some of the Free e-signature solutions available online are FilesDNA, DocuSign, SignNow, HelloSign, etc. These e-signatures tools can help startups in the long run without having an impact on their budget.

4.   Attract customers

Getting the work done with efficiency is the motto of new businesses. When a customer sees the latest technology in use, it gives a better impression, and they are likely to bend towards the emerging technology adoption in a startup. In addition, it ensures shuttled paperwork with customers and process can be accelerated as e-signatures provides easy access to both parties.

This is also advantageous for HR, finance, purchase-related documents that often require consent or approval via signature.

5.   Optimize workflow

The physically signing process requires sharing papers, mails, fax, prints, scanning, commuting to locations, and other time-consuming yet burdensome tasks. Wherein with signature entire document or file management system can be streamlined with an effective software in place.

Having an innovative and scalable tool can bring work efficiency and remove stumbling blocks from the process. For example, there is no need to place a bundle of papers and fill in the storage when startups can do it digitally in the cloud, which also overcomes the issues businesses face, like losing or misplacing the file and executing the entire process afresh.

6.   Security

Security comes as the first concern in your mind while learning about any new digital tool of such kind. E-sign tools are highly secure with appropriate authentication methods and advanced security techniques implemented by the software provider. E-sign are securely stored and protected against security threats like hackers, security breaches, malicious activities, etc. With the traditional signature method, the confidentiality of the information can be harmed. People in the office can access, share, steal important business information, which could be a significant security threat for any business.

7.   Record Proof 

Digital trails of audit log features are provided in e-signature software that tracks every step of the e-signature process, giving details about the signer and the time they signed the document. In case things go otherwise to the agreement or contract, and either party tries to refuse, there is no “I didn’t sign it” business as there is authentication, permission, email notification, acknowledgement, and many other steps completed to get that sign.

8.   Environment-friendly

Save resources when you can. Apart from the number of benefits free e-signature solution offers, saving paper is astounding. Most startups are adopting environment-friendly practices in various business functions and contributing towards natural resource preservation. However, increasing paper demand causes deforestation, which is a significant threat to the environment. This paperless approach shows environmental awareness among startup owners and their willingness to contribute a little.

9.   Legally-Binding

The question “Is e-signature legally Binding?” arises very often; the answer is YES! E-signatures are legally valid, and the legal binding is as same as handwritten signatures on paper. A few companies have also come up with additional compliance options that are crucial for startups.

If you are a startup continually striving towards advancement and upgrade, wish to attract more customers with a manageable contract process, bring speed and security in the workflow, make remote working a success, Choose the best e-signature application as per your requirements.

Try the Free e-signature solution online Now to find out. You got nothing to lose.