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FilesDNA introduces a unified platform that revolutionizes document management and business operations. It combines a comprehensive suite for document handling, including smart user identification, workflow automation, archiving, access authorization with top-tier security, e-signature, blockchain technology, and a unique PDF editor with QR code verification. Furthermore, its Flexible ERP module integrates all business processes into a seamless, adaptable workflow, enhancing productivity and fostering growth, marking the beginning of a new era in business efficiency.

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficiency and robust security are paramount for businesses and government agencies alike. The journey towards digital transformation is at the forefront, addressing the complexities of managing daily operations with outdated systems and a patchwork of software tools. A significant challenge for many organizations is the financial strain and operational inefficiency caused by this disjointed digital environment. Issues such as data protection, compliance with regulations like GDPR, and the hurdles of managing access across numerous platforms highlight the urgent need for a unified digital strategy to adopt e-government and digital advancements effectively.

Our mission is to streamline this digital evolution for enterprises and governmental bodies, offering a clear path to modern e-governance and a digital-first approach with unparalleled ease and transparency.

Discover the zenith of digital document management with FilesDNA, a platform where revolutionary innovation meets critical business needs to create a superior user experience. Delve into the extensive array of features that FilesDNA provides, from unmatched security safeguards and smooth integration with existing systems to enhancements in user interface design. Each feature is thoughtfully developed to boost productivity, simplify digital interaction, and ensure the security of sensitive information. With FilesDNA, professionals can navigate their digital landscape more efficiently, ensuring a seamless, secure, and effective management of documents and data. Embark on an enhanced digital journey with FilesDNA, where advanced functionality is always within reach, transforming the way you work and secure data in the digital era.

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How Does an E-Signature with Advanced Security Work with FilesDNA?

With FilesDNA electronic document signing services, simply upload your document, add who you need to sign it, specify where you want them to sign, and then hit send. You can even have multiple signers when sending out the document for electronic signature.


The signer will receive an email with a unique link to add their electronic signature to the document, and the process is then complete.


No registration is needed by the recipient and they can sign the document from any online device.

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Why Choose FilesDNA DMS?

Document & Identity Management System

The first software creating a bond between a digital document and the e-signature of a physical person. This e-Bond is identity verified and authenticated just as parties of this agreement are sitting next to each other. Advanced security, AIML, Blockchain, Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, Liveness Detection and ID verification.

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Document & Identity Management System

FilesDNA has a secure process to instantly verify your official documents and records. Send a sign request for your documents using blockchain electronic signatures secured by extra levels of security: Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Voice Recognition, Liveness Detection, ID Verification and Document Validation.

e-Signature Solution

Digital signatures are like electronic “fingerprints.” In the form of a coded message, the digital signature securely associates a signer

Online PDF File Editor

PDF editing tools allow you to edit a wide range of PDF files and documents online.

Private Blockchain Integration

Integrating Private Blockchain enables an organization to do its work on a ledger privately with a countable number of team members.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management software is an advanced platform that provides a tool to enhance the way you work. Enhance your workflow in an ideal way.

Documents Management System

Document Management System provides you with quick and easy access to your documents and files from anywhere

Smart Archive System

Smart Archive System enables you to manage all your essential documents in a safe and manageable location

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Anyone exchanging contracts and legal documents remotely or cross border should be using filesdna.
Venkatesan Ganesan
Venkatesan Ganesan
Cloud Security Expert
A must have application for business. Great application, very user friendly and a top tech team behind it.
Scott Naisbett
Scott Naisbett
ISO Systems UK
It is a nice easy to use digital signature. I really recommend using Filesdna. It has many features and it is free!
Omar AlNoori
Omar AlNoori
Digital Marketer

For Organizations of all Sizes

Businesses of all sizes use FilesDNA e-signature software to send and sign documents. Find a plan that suits your business and become a part of the FilesDNA family.

Send documents to be signed from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Get an instant response from anywhere in the world, get your important documents signed, and improve your sign rate.

Upload a host of files including Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel files, and PDFs

Download the Mobile App

FilesDNA is just a touch away. Download the app from Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store to enjoy a seamless surfing experience.

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Electronic Signature FAQs

Have you got questions about e-signatures? Read our FAQs to discover more.


If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Electronic Signature FAQs

An Electronic Signature, also known as E-Sign, creates a legally binding relationship between all signing parties that protects everyone involved. They are the modern technological replacement to handwritten signatures previously used on documents such as contracts, NDAs, legal agreements, and registry forms.

FilesDNA is ultra-easy and is secured using blockchain security. You can sign your document online or place an already created signature, and we even have a mobile app that makes for convenient usage on the go.

Yes! At FilesDNA, we encrypt your files, meaning that no one can access them without having your unique hash code.

Yes – electronic legal signatures are binding by law and are recognized by most of the technologically developed world. In 2016, the European Union began following the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), allowing all trade in Europe to be supported by e-sign solutions. A similar act was also instituted for the US in 2000.

Yes – FilesDNA utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to encrypt your files producing a unique hash code used to access your documents. This makes your documents completely inaccessible to anyone looking to view or tamper with your documents.