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Secure Online Electronic Signature and PDF Editor  Software Based in Manchester

Our online software allows you to securely store your electronic signature and other verification information in order to eliminate the risk of fraudulent documents. We believe that your information should be secure and private, which is why our software is extremely safe yet readily accessible to our clients. With the current climate, we also feel our web-based system is vital towards eliminating the over-use of paper and our electronic signature and PDF editor service will help bring your business one step closer to becoming paperless!

e-Signature and PDF Editing Software

Both easy to install and cost-effective, our software has a range of features. As customers, you can sign using the ‘smart signature’ pad, use a stamp, add text, draw and even record a voice. All of this, right at your fingertips in our secure, user-friendly, online system.  Already trusted by millions of people, our PDF Editor software stores and archives data through a blockchain, keeping it exceptionally secure yet easily accessible to customers. The entire uploading and verification process can be completed within four, simple steps! Our system ensures extra levels of security are in place, utilising QR-Codes to gain access to your PDF files, as well as encryption, e-seal, e-sign and hash security. All of these features allow you and only you to edit your documents online and much more securely. Here at FilesDNA, we also have our own unique ‘smart signature’ pad in which users can add their signature with a wireless pen – giving you the same feeling and accuracy as signing on real paper!

Document verification

FilesDNA offers a user-friendly process to instantly verify your official documents and records.

Cloud document storage
Financial Security 

Document fraud is expensive. Organizations can save time and money by easily accessing authentic digital assets through the tamper-proof process using blockchain technology.

PDF Editor

With FilesDNA online PDF editor enjoy Create, Edit, Share, e-Sign and send your documents securely and easily 

We are unique!

We have our own ‘Smart Signature’ pad that you can use to add your signature with a wireless pen, this will give you the same feeling and accuracy when you sign on a real piece of paper.

We also run Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to secure your signature.


FilesDNA ensures the integrity and encryption of your documents through blockchain technology. Stores original documents, encrypts and archives the data, making it readily accessible for the recipient helping verify and distribute without compromise.


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Interested in experiencing our secure, online software? FilesDNA is currently offering a free service which allows up to 25 documents to be created or uploaded onto the system and 200MB of cloud storage. Or, simply pay £8 a month for our business pack and receive an unlimited number of documents and 10GB of storage– it’s that easy to go paperless! For more information, get in touch with our team in our UK office in Manchester using the details below:

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