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Files DNA

Uncompromised Integrity and Data Security through Blockchain

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Fraudulent documents are a significant problem.  It can be impossible to differentiate between an authentic and fake document without accurate and transparent records.

FilesDNA offers a user-friendly process to instantly verify your official documents and records. By using unique, encrypted assets and creating confidence through blockchain security, the result is an authentic, transparent document.

FilesDNA also offers e-Archiving services, which are primarily about storing records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation. An electronic document or information which still has value for research purposes or as a memory aid.

Document verification

Through blockchain, data is permanent. It can’t be changed or altered, making an attack or breach virtually impossible.

Cloud document storage
Financial Security 

Document fraud is expensive. Organizations can save time and money by easily accessing authentic digital assets through the tamper-proof process using blockchain technology.

electronic signature certificate-verification

Proof of integrity

The peace of mind of secure data is crucial. We convert data using encryption and store them in a database , where the information is secured, timestamped and impossible to alter. Each block of data is linked to a previous block and so forth, all with embedded, matching codes, then compared to the original document to ensure authenticity. 

FilesDNA maximizes the value of your digital records via secure and tamper-proof verification services. 

of ownership

Files DNA utilizes blockchain technology to certify who created, accessed or modified a file. All transactions are recorded and irreversible, tracking the action to the source.


uses a decentralized network configuration where each computer stores replicated and authenticated data.

Data is replicated and stored on every machine, making fraud and attacks virtually impossible.

acts as a “node” in the peer-to-peer network.

of existence

Time stamping ensures the origination of all data. This is critical for contracts, research, medical records, and other certified files.  Blockchain technology keeps an immutable record of all transactions, including time and dates.


and verify

Anyone can verify the document online through the transparent and reliable process of blockchain technology.