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FilesDNA is developed by Borderless Security, the digital security factory of SME and Enterprise Software.
Our mission to make the world a digitally secure place, we target to break the market with advanced security features accessible and affordable to businesses from micro size to enterprise.
Our team is passionate about preventing security threats and enabling businesses of all sizes to operate globally without barriers in an efficient way using the latest technology in AI/ML, Blockchain, and Security. We are a team with senior, proven, and diversified expertise in marketing, security, finance, and business to build the comprehensive one solution on the market.

Our Team

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Mo Sahib

Founder / CTO

All my life, I’ve had two main passions: creating useful software and improving digital security. Within 5 years, I managed to build software that was later sold to some of the tech giants, such as Microsoft, Macromedia, and Nokia mobile. In addition to this, I have worked as a Security Consultant for the US Army (J6), and have also established my own security company, named Borderless Security, which works closely with multiple corporations and enterprises. FilesDNA is my latest project with advanced security at its core.

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Andy Octavian

Blockchain Architect

I utilize my expertise and passion to build blockchain based solutions to empower businesses and inventive entrepreneurs to automate operations, integrate and upgrade novel and legacy systems, or build from conception to delivery that drive measurable results.

Daniela Simo

Daniela Simo

Revenue Manager

After years of being an entrepreneur in various industries, I'm now working full-time with start-ups and early-stage businesses to help them achieve sustainable growth. I work with proven entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers coming up with new innovative products. Although FilesDNA is in the early phase of business development, it encapsulates knowledge and technology in a way I have never seen before. I work with proven entrepreneurs, yet coming with new innovative products. FilesDNA although in the early phase of a business encapsulates knowhow and technology never met before.
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Theo Moulos

VP of Growth

I have over 20-years of experience in growing successful and profitable software products. Before switching my focus to growth-hacking and viral marketing, I used to run, from various positions COO, CEO, BoD member various International Companies. I have broad experience in enterprise applications like ERP and CRM and delivering complex projects in large organizations. During my free time, I'm coaching and consulting startups.

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Richard Ondreicka

Business Development Executive

I am an accomplished and results-driven professional with extensive experience in managing customer relationships and creating sales strategies. Throughout my career, I have developed a stellar track record of delivering top-notch customer experience and achieving ambitious sales targets. My expertise lies in providing effective training to various teams and new employees to achieve desirable commercial outcomes. I am extremely passionate about FilesDNA and my goal is to make the digital journey safe and help the environment by using the modern technology available to us.

Academic Collaborators


Academic Collaborators
Hissam Tawfik
Professor of Computer Science
Anatoliy Gorbenko
Professor of Computer Science
Bal Singh
Professor of Computer Science

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Our Clients

Borderless Security established in 2013 and have its headquarters in UK. We serve clients across the world using technology experts as enablers to make the world a safer place. Partnering with the sharpest minds and best universities to offer and achieve a World Class level of services.

As a global information technology company, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of security expert, accurately delivering business and homogenous solutions to customers around the world.

We design secure networks and excel in software developments. Whilst those are the fundamentals bricks in building sustainable solutions, we realise that having a broad and more encompassing approach gives us the edge on our competitors. Our goal, providing and accompanying our customers in a flexible way during their journey towards digitalization. At Borderless Security, we do not want to be just another provider, but create a real trust and be your partner.

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