About Us

Who We Are

FilesDNA  was established by relevant technology experts in pursuit of using internet technology to make a positive impact in the world.

FilesDNA is a conscious, evolving company providing blockchain applied solutions like smart contracts, hyper ledger applications, cryptocurrency, and wallets development, software development, web applications, Android and Apple mobile applications, website, and graphic designs and works closely with Amazon and Microsoft Azure data centers.  To meet growing industry demands, we also offer expertise in helping business and offshore blockchain development services. FilesDNA provides comprehensive technology services committed to making the world a safer place.

Our talented research team aspires to continuously advance through cutting edge technology and various ways to implement it.  Our research focus and expertise include a comprehensive span of blockchain and related technologies: network security, software development, and turnkey solutions, training and consulting expertise and systematic developments in Files DNA technology.

Blockchain technology effectively validates and delivers documents such as a birth certificate, a will or other signed legal document, or business contracts. Our proven system is implemented efficiently and is financially viable. Our solution relies on non-blockchain and blockchain related technologies. Blockchain is a highly secure, trusted system for efficient and verified document and digital asset delivery.

Blockchain is a permanent, decentralized ledger of information. This means that data is unchangeable, transactions are transparent and time-stamped, and anyone can access digital signatures and seals through blockchain and a peer to peer network. The authenticity of a digital asset is verifiable without the use of a third party. With blockchain technology, fraud is virtually impossible — finally, a trusted solution to a critical issue.