Technical Features

Driven by AI/ML and Blockchain

Advanced e-Signature Solution

Here at FilesDNA, we go to great lengths to ensure that your documents are secure and only accessible by the permitted parties. Driven by artificial intelligence, blockchain integration and machine learning, we use all the tools at our disposal to ensure our advanced e-signature solutions are secured against fraudulent behaviour.

Here at FilesDNA, we use the Ethereum blockchain. The same technology protects cryptocurrency to encrypt the hash value for each e-document so users can verify the integrity of each signature.  This is a bulletproof defense against forgery. The only way someone could access and tamper with your documents is by acquiring your unique hash code. Blockchain integration and encryption is your very own lock and key to all your business files and documents.


With this technology, users can verify that:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Future of e-Signatures

As the world becomes more and more run by technology, the need for cyber security grows with it. 


The contract looks legalized and all parties have signed.

They are looking at the latest reviewed version

The document has not been altered after e-signing

The document is the same (or different) as the previously viewed version

The Future of e-Signatures

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As we move closer to a digital paperless society, the demand for effective cybersecurity systems and strategies increases exponentially. Sensitive personal data is constantly being transmitted and transferred through the internet. Hackers, bots, and malware could potentially compromise that data.

To prevent your personal data from being compromised you need a line of defence. Luckily for you just as a computer can be commanded to attack it can also be used in defence.

Here at FilesDNA, we place security above all else, so we use all the tools at our disposal to keep your files, signatures and other personal data under high security. As technology advances, hackers find new exploits, new methods and new hacks. But with a bit of creativity and know-how, we can find new ways to keep you safe online.

Smart e-Signature - FREE e-Signature

 FilesDNA uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to learn unique signature parameters and protect its integrity from others who may be trying to copy it.

User Verification and the e-Signature Process

We offer a wide variety of security features suitable for any company. From voice recognition, fingerprint identification, AI fraud prevention, passport and ID verification, along with the best encryption methods at our disposal, we can ensure your documents are safe.

With FilesDNA, you can rest easy knowing that your files are safe and secure with us.

Digital signatures and e-signatures

When you have an electronic document that requires a signature, there are going to be two types of signatures on it: digital and electronic. It may sound like these terms are interchangeable, but they are quite different and it’s important to understand the distinction.

A Digital Signature

Refers to the unique identity of the document itself. Encryption services (like blockchain) are used to define the hash value on the document and signal is and when there is a change. Users will know if there has been unverified activity if the hash values of their documents don’t match up.

An Electronic Signature

Also known as an “e-signature” is the electronically written signature that is places on a document to symbolize agreement and a legally bound relation between one or more parties. When an e-signature is placed on a document, that signature is also encrypted for protection. Thus, a unique hash value is created for the e-signature so it can be verified by the individual parties.

Advanced Security Features

We are always on the lookout for new methods to prevent cyber-attacks, forgery and fraud. When a new technology emerges, new exploits are discovered, and criminals adapt their practices here at FilesDNA, we do just the same.

Just as criminals can attack via digital means, we can use all the tools at our disposal to secure our software against those who would wish you harm.

FilesDNA protects both digital signatures and e-signatures. Here is how we protect e-signatures with verification processes before signing:


Innovation to the core: the application of artificial intelligence

At FilesDNA, we utilise innovative cutting edge technology to prevent fraud, forgery and other criminal behaviour. To adapt to this ever-changing technological age, we have created the Smart Signature Pad. The Smart Signature Pad uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ‘learn’ your unique signature parameters so it can reject forged and invalid signatures.

It is also designed to bring the sensation and accuracy of writing using a real pen allowing you to sign digitized documents as though they were paper. A unique and secure method of signing all your business documents with a whish of your wireless pen.

We Are Unique!

We have our own Smart signature pad that you can use to add your signature with a wireless pen. This gives you the same feeling and accuracy as if signing on real paper and makes forgery difficult as we employ Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to ‘learn’ and secure your signature.

We Are Unique!