General Features

Cloud Based Application Software

Our document management and e-signature solutions are optimized for speed, convenience and most importantly, security. Access documents from multiple devices, sign online and on the go, and sleep safely knowing your documents are secure,

Сore Features

Our e-signature and document management system are designed with innovation at its core. We utilise a number of cutting edge techniques and emerging technologies to enhance the customer experience. We use blockchain integrity, machine learning, NFC compatibility and many other technological innovations at FilesDNA to create a unique user experience.

Make the seamless switch from paper to pixel with FilesDNA

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DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT & E-Signature Solution

We aren’t the first company with document management and e-signature solutions, but we strive to keep ahead of the competition with a vast array of user-friendly and convenient features.

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Send and Sign your document by adding your Electronic Signature, this solutions trusted by millions of online users.

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Add secure digital Signature to your PDF files, with high secure and reliable solution.

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Archive your documents with multiple features to ease your search and archiving technics, like tags, date,name, folder name,...

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Share your document with your colleges and friends in secure and easy way.

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Now you can add dynamically QR and Bar code to your PDF file, scan and view your document online.

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Turn your mobile into professional scanner, Scan with auto border selection, apply multiple effects and save as PDF file.

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Our System have multiple features to manage your document like: Our OCR system can be used with multiple languages and very fast and accurate system.

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Place QR-Code dynamically with encryption. PDF encryption key front end and back-end & Disk encryption level

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Create Electronic signatures for each user automatically. Digital Seal and time stamp and Geo-location.

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Send your documents for approval and signature, keep track of all activities.

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Add more security to your document, by using your NFC tag to edit or sign your documents.

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Our solution based on cloud, mean you can access it from anywhere and any time, no need to install any software.Also our Mobile APP is available for both IOS and Android, register today and get your FREE account.

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Documents received for signature from FilesDNA user can be delegated automatically to another email address, as configured by the user or a company admin

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We utilise comprehensive blockchain technology to ensure the validity of signatures and documents. FilesDNA helps users issue and verify certificates and signatures in the blockchain. This helps to eliminate third party users and ensure the integrity of your documents.

We are unique !

Smart Signature Pad

We have developed our very own Smart Signature, which you can use to sign documents via a wireless pen. This imitates the feeling and accuracy of signing a document on real paper. We have also taken steps to eliminate forgery. The Smart Signature Pad comes equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

This allows our signature pad to identify the features of your own penmanship. The Smart Signature Pad remembers and learns the details of your own signature, so if someone attempts to forge your signature, the signature pad can detect this, and the signature will be invalid.

E Signature Pad

Document Scanning Solution

Document Scanning is one of the pains of online and digital business practice, but with FilesDNA, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Our document scanning solution enables our users to scan files directly from their mobile phone with professional quality.
You can then crop, rotate, and edit to your wishes before converting the document to a PDF ready to be saved.
Here are just a few features available with our document scanning solution:

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OCR With Multiple Languages

Optical character recognition, also known as OCR, is a technology included within our document management software that allows our systems to detect text, whether that be typed or handwritten. This can give you a huge advantage when searching a text for key terms or information.

The PDF file recognises the text and can detect essential information allowing you to search through large documents with ease. This system doesn’t just work with English as well. This is a multilingual program complete with translation features.
This can help facilitate global business collaboration and keeps our software globally accessible.

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Document Management System & Electronic Signature Features

Overall, our document management system and e-signature solution comes with a plethora of different features designed to secure files, prevent fraud, and speed up the business process.
Electronic Signature Software, Scanning solutions, OCR, e-archiving solutions and document security systems can all be used as part of the FilesDNA package to empower your business.
Here is just a taste of some of the features you can expect:

  • Create Electronic signatures for each user automatically
  • Signatures management (draw your signature, upload or type )
  • Sign PDF files
  • Hash PDF file
  • Add text to PDF files
  • Email and in-App notifications
  • Document notes (text and Audio)
  • Document Approval/Rejection (with full notes)
  • Add notes to PDF file
  • Request other non-users to sign documents via e-mail
  • Request signatures for specific marked points
  • Valid self signed digital signature
  • Guest signing, no need to create accounts each time
  • Document flow approval and signatures.
  • Document history
  • Rename and duplicate files
  • Convert Word and Excel to PDF
  • Add initials, date, company name, address and full name automatically
  • Upload and manage template
  • Fast processing speed
  • Send automated reminder for late signing
  • Beautiful and responsive UI
  • Check document integrity with different document versions
  • Place QR-Code/BAR Code dynamically .
  • Real time signing request notifications
  • Create files and folders (File system)
  • Manage teams
  • Import and add contacts
  • Multi user
  • Add and manage PDF header and Footer
  • Add and manage PDF META data
  • Easy search and check online document by using QR-Code.
  • Support multi-language PDF files (UTF-8)

Mobile Applications

If you are doing business on the go, then it is vital that you have a portable solution for ongoing business matters. Platform cross-compatibility is becoming essential in the workplace for effective and efficient document sharing and collaboration.

This is why we have developed a mobile application to view, manage and even sign your documents no matter where you are.

Sign with your NFC TAG

You can also sign documents using your own unique NFC TAG, adding an extra layer of security to your document since the document can not be accessed, signed and edited without using your NFC TAG.

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More Security

Physical NFC TAG will add more security to your document, as no one can sign or edit your document without using your NFC TAG.
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Write To NFC TAG

Enjoy our NFC TAG, our system will generate your own NFC TAG profile and it will write the information to it and lock the NFC TAG for more security.
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IOS And Android

This feature is available on both IOS and Android mobile application.Only paid users will be able to use it.
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You can use your own NFC TAG, our system can read your NFC TAG and assign it to your profile, this NFC TAG can be used later to authenticate your signature.
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Multiple NFC TAGS

We support multiple NFC TAGs types and vendors, normally we use MIFARE NTAG213 and NTAG216.

PDF Security Features

Secure all your documents and forms using our PDF security features. Prevent PDF’s from being edited, tampered with, duplicated or otherwise compromised. Security is essential here at FilesDNA and is at the heart of everything we do.
Other document management systems may do the job, but a good piece of software should be able to secure and protect your documents.

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    Place QR-Code Dynamically With Encryption
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    PDF Certification And Digital Signature
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    Disk Encryption Level
  • 4
    Sign With Finger-Print, Password , NFC TAG Or By Google Authenticator