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Unlock the full potential of digital file management with FilesDNA, where innovation meets necessity, creating the ultimate user experience. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the extensive suite of features that FilesDNA proudly offers. From unparalleled security measures to seamless integration capabilities, and intuitive interface enhancements, every aspect is designed with user efficiency and convenience in mind. Discover how FilesDNA is redefining the way professionals interact with their digital environments, streamlining operations, and safeguarding critical data. Step into a world where every feature is a keystroke away, empowering your digital journey like never before

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DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT & E-Signature Solution

Document Management

Document Management systems organize and consolidate electronic documents and assets, making them easily retrievable and secure. These platforms streamline collaboration, version control, and workflow automation, enhancing efficiency while maintaining compliance with retention policies and regulatory requirements.


Secure Document Sharing

Secure Document Sharing platforms provide a protected environment to distribute digital documents with confidence. These systems ensure files are shared with authorized individuals only, utilizing encryption, permission controls, and secure links to maintain data confidentiality and integrity during transit and at rest.


Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature technology enables individuals to legally sign documents online, replacing handwritten signatures. It ensures the consent or approval on digital documents is captured securely and conveniently, streamlining transactions and eliminating the need for physical presence or paper-based processes.


Document Security

Document Security encompasses advanced protective measures, ensuring sensitive documents are accessed and authenticated through multiple verification methods. This includes mobile authentication, fingerprint recognition, two-factor authentication (2FA), liveness detection, and voice recognition systems, thereby fortifying document safety against unauthorized access and potential breaches.


QR and Bar Code

QR and Bar Code technologies are efficient tools for storing data in a machine-readable format. These unique, scannable codes facilitate quick access to information, enhance data accuracy, and streamline processes such as inventory management, document tracking, and authentication by providing a digital footprint for physical assets or documents.


Professional Mobile Scanner

A Professional Mobile Scanner is an advanced application transforming your mobile device into a powerful, portable scanning tool. With precision and ease, it captures high-quality images or documents, converts them into various formats, and allows for seamless sharing or storage. Ideal for professionals on the go, it condenses the capabilities of traditional scanning hardware into the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.


Blockchain Integrity

Blockchain integrity leverages the immutable nature of blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity and unalterability of signatures and documents. By recording data across a network of decentralized blocks, it offers a transparent, tamper-evident environment. This eliminates the need for third-party verification, secures transactions, and ensures the absolute integrity of any document signed or stored within this framework.


Document Integrity

Document Integrity refers to the security measure ensuring that documents remain unaltered and authentic from creation to reception. This involves safeguarding data from unauthorized modifications, deletions, or breaches, thereby maintaining its original content, structure, and intent. Verification processes, digital signatures, and encryption are commonly employed to uphold the integrity of documents throughout their lifecycle.



Workflow systems orchestrate and automate the sequence of administrative, project, or technical tasks involved in a work process. They streamline the progression of tasks among participants, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and transparency in routine procedures, thereby reducing human error and increasing productivity. These systems often provide a visual overview of the workflow, facilitating monitoring and improvement of the work process.


Web and Mobile Application

Our Web and Mobile Application offers a cloud-based solution, enabling ubiquitous access to your data and tools, anytime, anywhere. There's no requirement for software installation, ensuring immediate, hassle-free interaction with your information. Additionally, the availability of our mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms ensures seamless functionality and continuity of your work, whether you're in the office or on the go.


OCR (Multiple Languages)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in multiple languages is a sophisticated technology that converts different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDFs, or images captured by a digital camera, into editable and searchable data. With support for multiple languages, this versatile tool transcends linguistic barriers, enhances global communication, and facilitates the effortless digitization and indexing of documents from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Task Management

Smart Task Management

Smart Task Management systems utilize advanced technology to prioritize, categorize, and assign tasks within a team or project. These intuitive platforms adapt to user behavior, offering personalized insights for more efficient time allocation, resource distribution, and workflow optimization. By centralizing task oversight, they foster better collaboration, ensure deadlines are met, and help individuals and teams achieve their objectives more effectively.

DNA Drive

DNADrive is a PC application seamlessly bridging your local storage and cloud account, ensuring automatic synchronization of files. This tool provides continuous backup, easy access, and secure management of your digital assets, anywhere, anytime.



iTrack is a comprehensive document workflow solution, offering real-time tracking capabilities that reveal the status and custodian of your documents. Enhancing collaborative efficiency, users can append text or voice notes at each transition point, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the document's lifecycle.

Task Management

Digital Signature and PKI System

The Digital Signature and PKI System is a robust security solution that enables the authentication of digital documents through unique, encrypted signatures. By leveraging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), it ensures the integrity and validity of each signature, safeguarding transactions and digital communications from forgery and tampering, thereby instilling trust and confidence in electronic interactions.


e Archive System

An e-Archive System is a digital solution that preserves essential documents and data with integrity, ensuring they are safely stored, easily retrievable, and remain unaltered. This system supports compliance, aids in disaster recovery, and promotes sustainability by reducing paper use and physical storage requirements.

PDF editor

PDF Editor Tools

PDF Editor Tools offer comprehensive functionality for modifying PDF documents. These utilities allow users to edit text, add or remove pages, merge documents, and implement advanced formatting changes. Additionally, they provide features for inserting annotations, comments, and digital signatures, ensuring a versatile platform for seamless document management and collaboration.

Smart Forms

Smart forms optimize data collection by automatically adapting fields and responses based on user inputs. They streamline the information submission process, enhance data quality by preventing errors and redundancies, and improve user engagement through interactive and context-aware prompts. These intelligent forms are integral for efficient data management and offer a user-friendly approach to gathering precise and relevant information.

User Verification System

User verification systems employ advanced biometric and documentary checks, such as voice recognition, liveness detection, passport and ID verification, fingerprint scanning, and mobile number authentication. These multifaceted security measures work in tandem to confirm a user's identity with precision, enhancing system security by ensuring that only verified individuals can access sensitive data and perform high-security tasks, thereby safeguarding resources and information from unauthorized use and potential fraud.


NFC Cards

NFC cards in integration with the FilesDNA mobile application offer an advanced layer of security for document access. By utilizing near-field communication (NFC) technology, users can securely authenticate their identity by simply tapping their card on their NFC-enabled device. This method ensures that only authorized individuals can access, view, or edit sensitive documents, thereby enhancing security protocols and safeguarding information from unauthorized access.

Files TAG System

The document TAG system enhances document organization and retrieval by allowing users to assign relevant keywords or "tags" to files and documents. This non-hierarchical categorization system simplifies search processes, as users can locate documents not just by folders or names but also through associated tags, reflecting their content, status, or purpose. By facilitating a more intuitive filing and search mechanism, the TAG system saves time, improves efficiency, and makes document management more user-friendly.

Calendar System

A digital calendar is an interactive tool that keeps track of your appointments, meetings, and deadlines. It allows for easy scheduling and adjustments, sends reminders, and can be shared with others for collaborative planning. By providing a clear overview of daily, weekly, and monthly agendas, it helps manage time efficiently, ensures commitments are remembered, and aids in balancing work and personal life.

SharePoint and Collaboration

SharePoint facilitates collaboration within a company by providing a centralized platform for sharing documents, data, and information. Members can create, upload, and manage content in shared workspaces, maintain version control, and set user permissions to ensure data integrity and security. This seamless sharing capability enhances team coordination, project management, and information flow across different departments, thereby improving overall productivity and efficiency in the organizational processes.

Bulk Sign System

The bulk sign system streamlines the process of signing multiple documents, allowing users to apply their signature or approval across numerous documents in one action. This efficient system is crucial for individuals or entities frequently handling large volumes of documents, facilitating a swift, uniform, and automated signing process. It not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency and compliance in documents that require standardized authorization.


Smart Signature Pad

We have developed our very own Smart Signature, which you can use to sign documents via a wireless pen for improved accuracy. We have also taken steps to eliminate forgery, with the Smart Signature Pad coming equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

This allows our signature pad to identify the features of your own penmanship so that if someone attempts to forge your signature, the signature pad can detect this, and the signature will be invalid.

E Signature Pad

Mobile Application for Document Scanning

Document scanning is known for being a pain, but with FilesDNA, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Our document scanning solution enables our users to scan files directly from their mobile phone with professional quality results. You can then crop, rotate, and edit to your wishes before converting the document to a PDF ready to be saved.


Here are just a few features available with our document scanning solution:

















Optical character recognition, also known as OCR, is an innovative technology included within our document management software that allows our systems to detect text, whether that be typed or handwritten, allowing you to easily search for key terms and essential information.


This system is a multilingual program complete with translation features, making it an excellent facilitator of global business collaboration.

OCR With Multiple Languages
OCR With Multiple Languages