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Store and Track Documents with FilesDNA-Management System Software

FilesDNA Documents Management System Software is an automated software solution for organizing, securing, capturing, digitalizing, and completing tasks with your business files. FilesDNA Documents Management System is more than just cloud storage.

How FilesDNA can help professionals and companies streamline their document-related processes:

Document Management System: A Modern Necessity

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital world, managing documents effectively is crucial for businesses and professionals across various sectors. Traditional document management can be time-consuming, error-prone, and insecure. A modern document management system (DMS) is the answer to these challenges, providing a central, organized, and secure platform for storing, retrieving, sharing, and tracking documents.

Why Document Management is Essential

1. Efficiency: A DMS reduces the time it takes to access and manage documents, thus enhancing productivity.
2. Security: Advanced security protocols protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential breaches.
3. Compliance: Automated compliance features ensure alignment with legal requirements and industry standards.
4. Collaboration: Real-time collaboration tools foster teamwork and efficiency among colleagues and external partners.
5. Scalability: A DMS can be tailored to the unique needs and size of a business, supporting growth and changes in operation.

Introducing FilesDNA: Your Comprehensive Document Management Solution

FilesDNA is a cutting-edge document management system designed with the needs of modern professionals and companies in mind. Here’s how FilesDNA stands out in transforming document management:

1. Streamlined Document Storage and Retrieval

FilesDNA offers an intuitive interface where documents are stored in a well-organized structure. Advanced search capabilities enable instant retrieval, saving valuable time.

2. Enhanced Security Measures

With encryption, access controls, and regular audits, FilesDNA ensures the utmost protection of your documents. Customize permissions to control who can access, edit, or share files.

3. Collaborative Working Environment

FilesDNA supports seamless collaboration. Share documents with team members, clients, or vendors, and work together in real-time, even if you’re miles apart.

4. Compliance Made Easy

Stay compliant with industry regulations effortlessly. FilesDNA offers automatic logging, reporting, and customizable compliance features tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

5. E-Signature Integration

Go paperless with FilesDNA’s integrated e-signature functionality. Send, receive, and track signed documents without the need for physical paperwork.

6. Integration with Existing Systems

FilesDNA can be integrated with your existing CRM, ERP, or other business tools, providing a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

7. Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access FilesDNA from anywhere, at any time. Cloud-based storage ensures your documents are always at your fingertips, whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or on the go.

8. Scalable to Your Needs

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, FilesDNA offers customizable solutions to fit your specific requirements, budget, and goals.

Conclusion: FilesDNA – Empowering Professionals and Businesses

FilesDNA is more than a document management system; it’s a strategic partner that empowers professionals and companies to work smarter, safer, and more efficiently. By adopting FilesDNA, you’re investing in a future where documents are no longer a cumbersome necessity but a well-orchestrated asset that drives your success.

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Assignment of Document Management System

FilesDNA Documents Management System  helps in managing electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based documents. Scan, Store, and retrieve are three capabilities of document software.



Our electronic management software can scan paper documents and transform them into images or documents.



Our document management system software can store documents, files and classifies them to provide security and audit trails.



Simple interface to provide search and
retrieval capabilities.

Factors of Our Digital Document Management Software

Apart from scanning, storing, and retrieving, FilesDNA- Document Management System comes equipped with many features:

Creation and Ingestion

An electronic document management system allows for the creation of documents within the system.

Document Searching

Easily search folders or documents in our database with the #1 rated document management system.

Document classification

Our digital document management enables the categorization of documents using several user-defined metadata fields.

Document viewing

Our document management system provides built-in viewers for common file types.

Document Editing

Our DMS also allows inline editing of some common file types, so the user can enjoy a smooth and straightforward way of editing documents and creating new versions.

Document Sharing

Our FilesDNA document management system also can share documents with others with advanced security features, including fingerprint, mobile app, and live authentication.

Content Security and Audit

Our DMS offers multiple levels of security on documents and provides audit trails regarding documents, users, and the system.

Benefits of FilesDNA Document Management System

Our state-of-the-art DMS can reduce the need for file cabinets by storing digital documents on its servers.

FilesDNA Document Management System offers robust security to the files and documents uploaded on the server and leaves an audit trail to see who viewed and made changes to the record.

The most significant advantage of using our DMS is that it increases productivity and offers better workflow. It also increases flexibility, competitiveness, improved client relations, and peace of mind among the business.

With our most advanced DMS, you can retrieve documents with ease on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an automated software solution that organises, secures, captures, digitalise, and completes the task with your business files.

The primary role of FilesDNA- Document Management System is to manage electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based documents and also scan, store, and retrieve them.

At FilesDNA, we encrypt your files. That means no one can access the files without having your unique hash code. So to put it simply, yes, your documents are in good hands with us.

FilesDNA- Document Management System offers many benefits such as reduced storage, robust security, increased productivity, and easy document retrieval.

FilesDNA- Document Management System serves various industries, including logistics, healthcare, government, education, accounting, startups, and many more.

The main factors FilesDNA- Document Management System includes:
  • Creation & ingestion
  • Document searching
  • Document classification
  • Document viewing
  • Document editing
  • Document sharing
  • Content security and audit

Yes, FilesDNA utilises the Ethereum blockchain to encrypt your files, producing a unique hash code to access your documents. This makes your documents utterly inaccessible to anyone looking to tamper or view your documents.

FilesDNA- Document Management Software is 100% safe and offers multiple levels of security on documents. It also provides audit trails regarding documents, users, and the system.