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Technological advancement is moving fast, but business is moving faster. Can you keep up? Your competitors are moving closer and closer to paperless business practices, gaining a clear advantage towards their clients or employees. In our days, efficiency and effectiveness results to more customers with less resources. 

What is Electronic Signature What is Electronic Signature

What is Electronic Signature?

Technological advancement is moving fast, but your business is moving faster. Can you keep up? Your competitors are moving closer and closer to paperless business practices, and it is giving them an fair advantage towards their clients or employes. Efficiency always win.

Simply put, an electronic signature is similar to the traditional paper and ink signature. However, instead of using a pen and paper, you use your computer or smartphone. Business owners often find signing documents a hassle, the form has moved your computer screen, yet the pen remains in your hand. No one wants to print out a form, sign it, and scan it back into the system to be sent via email every single time you need to sign a document. It’s frustrating and time-consuming.

The main goal of an electronic signature is to deliver a secure and accurate identification method to provide a seamless transaction. But we don’t need to be complacent with this inconvenience. Introducing e-signatures: a quick, convenient, and time-saving method to signing any piece of paperwork or business document.

If you think about it, electronic signatures are a very broad concept. When you’re looking at sales contracts, for example, it is normal that you need to sign multiple documents. However, when you’re making an online purchase from a website, you won’t need to sign any document even though it may be said that you made an agreement with the company. You committed to buying a specific product and the company committed to delivering the product in a specific time frame.

Free Electronic Signature Software

There are many different types of electronic signature software available on the market, and the definition of e-signatures varies. Ultimately, the definition of an electronic signature depends on the applicable jurisdiction. However, there are a few standard features in the global requirements which define an electronic signature.

Key features of a legally recognised e-signature:

  • The signatory can be identified and linked to the signature
  • The signatory must have sole ownership of the private key used in creating the e-signature
  • The signature must be able to identify when its accompanying data has been tampered with after the message has been signed
  • If the accompanying data has been changed, the signature must be invalidated

Not all electronic signature software is equal. You must understand that e-signatures can be created with different levels of security. It’s crucial that you find electronic signature software that is safe and reliable to prevent potential fraud.

Here at FilesDNA, we utilise the Ethereum blockchain. This is the same technology used to protect cryptocurrency. This allows us to encrypt the hash value of each individual e-document. As a result, you can easily verify the integrity of each signature.

In the case of our e-signature solutions, you will be able to verify several vital document details, which can prevent instances of tampering and fraud. This means when signing using our online signature maker, you can sleep safely knowing that all parties are keeping their end of the deal.

Our free electronic signature software can help you verify:

  • If the contract is legalised and all parties have signed
  • If the document wasn’t altered post-signing
  • If the document you are viewing is the latest version
  • If the document you are looking at is a duplicate, fake or has been tampered with

You might have come looking for convenient and cost-effective electric signature software, and you will, in fact, find precisely that at FilesDNA. However, when choosing our electric signature software, you will also find a highly secure and safe environment in which to conduct business.

With our free electronic signature software, you can easily create electronic signatures, upload them, online documents signature, and request other parties’ signatures, among many other features. But our key point is that this should all be done within a safe and secure environment.

Secured e Signature Solution

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Create Electronic Signature, with FilesDNA

Using our online signature maker, you can set up a personalised e-signature free of charge. You simply type your name and initials into the signature creator and simply choose from a variety of different handwriting styles. You also have the option to use the draw function if you would prefer that your signature is closer to your own handiwork.

You can even opt to use our Smart Signature Pad. This is an electronic ‘pen’ and ‘pad’ that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to learn the unique features of your handwriting. This means it can detect your individual signature parameters and reject fraudulent signatures.

After you have created your signature, you can place and resize your signature on any piece of paperwork or document, and your e-signature will then become a legally binding signature. You may also free online document signature using your unique fingerprint and utilise a number of other security features.

With a liveness detection system, voice recognition system, ID and passport Verification System, two-factor authentication, and Near Field Communication (NFC), your signature can be as secure as you want it to be.

Ensure your signature is secure, safe and most importantly, convenient by using our free electronic signature software today.


An Electronic Signature, also known as E-Sign, creates a legally binding relationship between all signing parties that protects everyone involved. Electronic Signatures are the modern technological replacement to handwritten signatures previously used on documents such as Contracts, NDAs, Agreements, registry forms, ETC

Yes, Electronic Signatures are legally binding and recognised by most of the developed world. Since 2016 the European Union began following the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), allowing all trade in Europe to be supported by E-sign solutions.
A similar act was also instated for the US in 2000 named the ESIGN Act.

Here at FilesDNA, we allow our users to apply pre-uploaded signatures or draw directly using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. To get a free electronic signature, sign up to choose from an array of handwriting styles or draw your own signature to be used in any legally binding document.

You can use a pre-uploaded e-signature or use our Smart Signature Pad to draw directly onto the document. If you are using a pre-uploaded signature, then you can resize your signature according to your wishes.

Security – FilesDNA offers the ability to add additional layers of verification before both viewing and signing documents. Documents sent via the post or email can be subject to interception or viewed by anyone who gains access to the device or location where the files are held.
Speed – One of the main benefits of E-Sign solutions is speed, in the past companies had to go through a lengthy process that involved printing, signing, scanning, shipping, emailing, ETC. With FilesDNA documents can be sent out to multiple individuals in 1 click and returned within minutes.
Risk – With Multiple layers of verification in place documents can and will only be singed by the correct individuals, this process can also be tracked by stamping Time, Date, IP Data, I-D, ETC.

At FilesDNA, we encrypt your files. This means no one can access the files without having your unique hash code. So to put it simply, yes, your documents are in good hands with us.

Yes, FilesDNA utilize the Ethereum blockchain to encrypt your files producing a unique hash code used to access your documents. This makes your documents utterly inaccessible to anyone looking to tamper or view your documents.

Yes, FilesDNA offers both a mobile and a desktop app so you can access your files whenever you need them and no matter the location or setting.