Groundbreaking Technology

Filesdna is bringing the legal sector the groundbreaking technology that is necessary to digitise all documentation within any firm.  Allow your business to thrive in a way that saves time and money, making your working life easier.  The current reality is that most technology that is being used in the legal sector right now is not allowing firms to act in the most efficient way, and the current state of processes and transactions are slowing down workflow significantly, and in ways that you may not expect.  Working in a legal firm means dealing with sensitive information and oftentimes it means working at a fast pace – to work at an optimal rate, the technology that is being used needs to enable both of these.

transfer and manage documents

Filesdna provides legal firms with the ability to transfer and manage documents in a way that saves time and money, delivering the best value your business could hope for, and all from one user-friendly platform.  Our platform allows you to streamline all of your document management processes by eliminating the use of paper in the most secure way possible.  With us, you’ll be able to store all digitally signed contracts in one place, taking all physical forms of documentation out of the equation and making the daily running of the firm easier in every way.


Improved Security Within Your Firm

By using filesdna to store all of your contracts and paperwork in one central location, you are taking steps towards maximum security within your firm.  We know that when working in the legal sector, it is of the utmost importance that confidential files and documents are kept safe and that data is secured to the highest level, for the good of both your business and the safety and welfare of your clients.

document security 1

We always aim to go the extra mile to keep all of the data in your paperwork 100% safe and secure, which is why we offer user verification that utilises artificial intelligence, ensuring that no one is able to view the documents apart from those authenticated to do so.  This also ensures that no fraud can take place in regards to the contracts that are being transferred – any tampering will become evident within the document, so this is the safest way that legally binding documents can be dealt with.

Get More Done

By automating the processes within your firm you are simplifying them and making them more streamlined and as a result, everything from onboarding to negotiations can be 

be done remotely from anywhere in the world, thus transforming the rate of your firm’s workflow.  When the process of physically moving paper from one location to another and between parties, it’s amazing how much more can be achieved with the same resources and team, but in far less time.

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Remain Compliant

It can be hard to move from old methods to new, more technologically driven ones in the legal sector due to the fact that everything needs to remain entirely lawful and presented in a

way that can still be admissible in court.  This can be a hindrance in the industry moving forward, but it

doesn’t have to be when it comes to filesdna and what we can offer.  Every agreement that is signed using the filesdna eSignature technology is highly secure, and therefore cannot be tampered with.  This means that all documents signed with our software are fully court-admissible and even present a certificate to prove it.  In fact, the traceability of the documents that can be created with filesdna are even better than those that are formed on physical paper, meaning that as well as being an easier method for you to use, it’s also a safer one.

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Improve Client Relations

Of course, having higher efficiency within your firm is important for those who work there and for increasing workflow, but what does this kind of technology mean for your clients? 

The likelihood is, your clients are also living busy lives and are looking to find ways of minimizing the time that these procedures are going to take up.  That means that if they are having to wait days for a contract to sign, or to receive a piece of paperwork, it can become frustrating.  With the help of filesdna, however, you are able to provide a solution for your clients that is going to make their lives a lot easier, which in turn gives you an edge over your competitors. Your client feedback is going to improve, and your client relationships are going to become far more simple as a result of your firm adopting electronic signatures and making long paper-based transactions a thing of the past.

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