All You Need to Know About Smart Signature Pad from FilesDNA

Technology has changed the way it is conducting business. For example, technology has radically changed the process from marketing to supply chain management to end delivery. Everything has shifted from paper to digital and invention of Smart Signature Pad is the greatest example of this substantial shift. It not only make sure the accuracy of signing documents on real paper but also identifies the features of its own penmanship.

Whether written by hand or typed on a smartphone, attaching your name to a piece of paper is still considered a sign of a person’s bond. Electronic signatures are everywhere. You can sign any piece of paper while sitting miles through electronic signatures. You can either sign it using your smartphone, or you can upload the signature and paste it into the document, or you can use FilesDNA’s Smart Signature Pad, which is the segment-first in the industry!

You might be thinking, what is this Smart Signature Pad, right? But before knowing about the Smart Signature Pad, let’s have a look at FilesDNA’s success story. 

FilesDNA is an online signature maker and electronic signature software that Borderless Security developed.

FilesDNA uses cloud-based technology, blockchain technology, and cryptographic methods to offer a user-friendly and secure document and records verification process. They even provide free e-signature software for a safe, fast, and convenient solution to signing any form of paperwork, contract, or any other legally binding document.

The e-signature software ensures that each and every document you sign is an authentic, transparent document that hasn’t been altered posting signing. There are many security layers, including machine learning in Smart Pad to ID and fingerprint verification. So not only is the software highly secured, but it is also easy to use, time-saving and convenient.

These are how FilesDNA is different from its competition:

  • Firstly, each document is recorded and authenticated using blockchain. FilesDNA comes with full blockchain integration with a blockchain explorer.
  • Secondly, PKI systems maintain a unique digital signature for each user. Private Key Infrastructure ensures the validity of each document.
  • Thirdly, implementation of AI and machine learning for better and more effective user identification. This allows for better liveness detection, ID verification, and voice recognition. We also implement AI and machine learning into our Smart Signature Pad to detect instances of fraud.
  • Fourthly, we utilise multi-factor authentication and multiple security levels for document sharing; this includes mobile authentication, fingerprint, 2FA, NFC card and password.
  • Finally, we maintain digital documents, and you can check document integrity online using QR codes and a digital attestation system for each document.

Note: FilesDNA is the first e-signature software in the world that offers Smart Signature Pad which makes you feel like you are signing a document traditionally!

Advantages of Electronic Signature 

Enhanced Security

With FilesDNA’s electronic signatures, you can stay relaxed because your documents will reach the right people with security controls.

Easy to use

FilesDNA’s electronic signature lets you sign and share documents with other parts of the world. In addition, you have the convenience of signing the document right from the tablet or phone.

Workflow tracking

You can easily track the document and can even check who has opened, signed, or approved it. Moreover, you will have a complete paper trail of who viewed the document and when.


Collect signatures and approvals on multiple documents all at once without wasting a single piece of paper.

Better experience for clients

Clients can quickly sign the document from anywhere on any device. Therefore, connecting FilesDNA- e-signature solution is a must in a time where clients want real-time access to the papers.

Advantages of Electronic Signature - Smart Signature Pad

Get paid faster

Get the signature and payment details on the same document to collect all the information you need to securely get your clients.


When you pair your organization with FilesDNA, you will have a centralized document repository. So, you don’t have to search for files in cabinets or on different systems on your computer to find a document. 

Paperless workflow

You can integrate e-signature from FilesDNA with other tools as well. This means you no longer need to print, scan or meet in person to sign the document. Instead, you just need to sign it electronically, and you will be notified when all parties sign.

Increase collaboration

Collect approvals and signatures from various parties in whatever order you choose to increase collaboration.

Save money

In the end, all these benefits add up to huge cost savings for your business by reducing paper and printing costs and even the amount of time it takes to sign and collect payment from new clients.

What is a Smart Signature Pad?

Basically, Smart Signature Pads are developed by FilesDNA, which can be used to sign documents via a wireless pen. This pad intimates the feeling and accuracy of signing documents on real paper. With Smart Pad, they have taken steps to eliminate forgery as they come equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Furthermore, the signature pad helps in identifying the features of its own penmanship. Therefore, this pad has the ability to remember and learn the details of your own signature. And if someone attempts to forge your signature, the signature pad can detect this, and the signature will be invalid.

Common Uses of Smart Signature Pads

In order to boost productivity and also save time and paper, it is best to replace signed paper documentation with a streamlined electronic signature process using the Smart Signature Pad. 

Such devices can be used by agencies and financial institutions, government entities, and many more places. In addition, they are used in various operations, such as:

  • Adding a signature to an ID card
  • Signing forms, contracts, and other important documents
  • Signing receipts, and more.

What Smart Signature Pad collects?

  • Signature direction and path
  • Signature pen pressure 
  • Signature speed 
  • Curves, lines, and angles calculations
  • Accelerations between the start and stop points
  • How many start/stop points many other artificial intelligence and machine learning calculations 
  • Smart learning process to know more about the user signature

How does a Smart Signature Pad Work?

FilesDNA’s Smart Signature Pads are a wonderful innovation that keeps away the annoying waiting for a signature. But, unfortunately, this can create obstacles in the normal flow of things. And that is the reason more and more people are adopting Smart Signature Pads.

The process of capturing an electronic signature is very simple. For this, you will only need a Smart Signature Pad, and it will easily be scanned and attach the signature to any document one may wish to sign. 

One of the biggest benefits of this pad is that the physical presence will no longer be necessary to sign every piece of paper that needs a signature.

You will be surprised to know the main idea that stands behind signature capturing. The Smart Signature Pad works as an input mechanism to get a signature of an individual. Then, that sample will be converted into a digital form known as electronic signature, which can be stored in a computer.

When it comes to electronic signature tools, Smart Signature Pad is the most popular one. As the pad is no different from writing on a piece of paper, it uses a special type of pen. The person will sign on the surface of the pad as they would do on any piece of the paper document. Also, you can even try new patterns and flows to check whether they look good on the screen or not. Therefore, you can sign again and again until completely satisfied with the captured signature.

The only problem related to electronic signatures is identity theft. However, the Smart Signature Pad is a handy tool for companies to use to raise their security measures and protect employees.

While talking about security, these smart pads can be quite time-saving for the executives while they are away from the office. That means they can easily sign or approve documents without actually getting their hands on them. Also, by using the smart pad, you can store the signature in an electric form to signify your agreement on a wide variety of documents that you need to sign.

How to Use the Smart Signature Pad?

If you have already got the Smart Signature Pad from FilesDNA but don’t know how to use it then here is the whole process to do that. Just follow these simple steps:

  • As soon as you plug in the pad with your computer or laptop, the installation wizard pop up.
  • Click on next and select ‘yes, restart the computer now’ then click finish.
  • Your computer will restart, and then click on the ‘graphic tablet’ icon.
  • Then, it will open the software to run the Smart Signature Pad.
  • After that, select the work area and select your screen.
  • Next, the pad will set the working area to your signature pad on the screen.
  • Now, open the website on the screen and go to the ‘signature’ section.
  • Select the ‘draw’ option, go to the signature pad page, and you will see the full screen is selected.
  • You can adjust the working area according to the web signature pad size on your screen. Further, you can even select a new working area or rotate the set.
  • After you are satisfied, click on ‘ok’.
  • You can test your signature and initial as many times as you want to have the best way to sign your document. Once you are good, save your signature and initial.
  • Last, you are ready to apply your signature and initials to any document.

Wrapping Up

FilesDNA- Smart Signature Pads can be a smart upgrade to your organization as they enhance the overall experience of signing documents electronically while making you feel like signing traditionally with pen and paper. Moreover, signing using smart pads is also secure as it offers liveness detection, and FilesDNA is a packaged blockchain and offers machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.