Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Future of e-Signatures

As the world becomes more and more run by technology, e-Signatures also need cybersecurity to grow with it. Extremely sensitive information like Signatures is communicated through the internet every day, all around the world – we need to ensure that the e-Signature information is protected from bots, spiders, and hackers. Luckily, just as machines can be taught to attack, we can protect our E-Signatures through AI and ML technology.

Your digital signature is forever left in cyberspace when you sign a document electronically. If the E-Signatures are not properly encrypted and protected, they may be susceptible to capture from foreign sources that will use your signature fraudulently. This can be incredibly dangerous. FilesDNA uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to learn unique signature parameters and protect its integrity from others who may be trying to copy it.

How FilesDNA uses AI and ML to protect your e-signature

Physical signatures that are created by putting a pen to paper will eventually be obsolete. There are multiple methods of forging a digital signature, so it’s important that organizations can protect themselves and their clients from fraudulent activity. With AI and ML, it’s possible to stop bots who are trying to impersonate humans and replicate their signatures.

Here’s how FilesDNA can help:

  • Blockchain Technology: FilesDNA uses Ethereum blockchain technology to protect each and every document that goes through our system. Ethereum is the same technology that is used to protect cryptocurrencies. A unique hash value is assigned to each block within the chain, providing layers of security to a document that will protect it from being tampered with.
  • Smart Signature Pad: We have our very own Smart Signature Pad that allows users to have the physical feeling of signing a document, without actually having to use a pen and paper. The smart pad tracks unique signature parameters like draw speed, acceleration, stop points, direction, angles and more to learn each signature and recognize when an imposter is attempting to use it. Our Smart Signature Pad is like a handwriting analyst, but it’s much more reliable.
  • Always Improving: We wholeheartedly believe that we can be better tomorrow than we were yesterday, every day. We have designed our technologies to essentially believe the same thing. The artificial intelligence that our machines use only gets smarter and smarter with every use to learn how to better protect organizations and their clients.

Here at FilesDNA, we employ only the best blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to ensure that every user, organization, and document is protected to the highest standards. Our Smart Signature Pad has the ability to learn every signature it receives, discern exactly what makes it unique, and reject signatures that don’t match up.

The world is moving at a very fast pace because of new technologies and those who don’t implement the latest security measures into their processes will be at risk of falling behind. Contact FilesDNA today to start implementing blockchain, AI, and ML into your e-signature process!