Know the Difference between E-Signature Vs Digital Signature [Full Guide – 2021]

If you are still using the wet ink method for getting various important documents signed in your business or organization, then you are missing a wing of efficiency and it might severely obstruct your growth aspects. Save paper – save time – Go digital with esignature vs digital signatures. But wait? Are you aware that these are two different terms with different applications? This blog is all about Esignature Vs Digital signature which is very often confused to be the same while they are different in many ways.


Running down with a much simpler and clear definition, it is an electronic form of unique identification of a person associated with a document that verifies the assent of the signatory to the written form of that particular document.

An electronic signature can be in the form of a unique symbol, process, or even a sound that is logically and legally associated with the identity of the signatory.

Benefits of e-signature

  • Saves precious time and paper

Employing a 100% tested and trusted esign software like FilesDNA ensures a truly paperless environment and reduces the TAT to a greater extent. 

It gives you access to a much quicker way of signing and getting the documents signed by the designated person and does not involve printing a single paper.

  • Increases efficiency

When you switch to e signatures, you are getting rid of the cumbersome process of signing documents every day that drags your efficiency to the lower bars on the scale.

It saves you from getting trapped in the stack of papers and you can jump on to your next important task by putting your esign on the contracts and agreements very easily.

  • Secures your documents

Paper contracts and other such documents stay at a high risk of getting damaged, but following the practice of e signing, you are not required to bind another thick file of documents.

With e-signatures coming into use in every sector, it has removed the need of storing important signed documents as you can very conveniently keep all of them stored in a highly secured cloud space.

With smart access to the stored documents, you can pull out the required file at any point of time whenever you need it without any hard work.

  • Adds flexibility

Think of yourself in a situation where you need to post an urgent document to your client, but prior to that, you also need to get it signed by another responsible person who is not in the office at that time.

Do you want to lose your valuable client for this little thing?

Esignature makes your business more flexible in its performance and you can sign any document from any part of the world with an easy click. 

Isn’t it amazing?

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Digital signature

Summing the most relevant description of digital signature into a straightforward definition, it is a precisely calculated mathematical algorithm to authenticate and validate signatories of software or any digital document.

Digital signatures are based on asymmetric cryptography which is more often termed public-key cryptography. A pair of mathematically linked keys are generated using the public key algorithm out of which one is public and the other is private.

The private key is used by the person who creates a digital signature that is carefully encrypted with the details of the signature and the only way to decrypt it is by using the public key of the signer.

But how actually are e signature and digital signature different?

Following are certain points based on which you can easily differentiate between the two –

  • Most importantly, an electronic signature is used to legally verify the documents and also allows to identify the source of the document.

Whereas a digital signature works to ensure the security of a document, by keeping it safe from any kind of tampering. 

eSignature vs Digital Signature

eSignature vs Digital Signature Explained

  • Because both have different purposes to fulfil, electronic signatures are not authorized or regulated by any special certification authority.

While digital signatures always own a valid authority from certification authorities and are regulated by them.

  • Electronic signatures are mainly focused to keep an authenticated record of the signatory regarding the intent and terms of the contract mentioned in the document.

Digital signatures are dedicated to preventing tampering of documents by any unauthorized person and are 100% legal to trace the ownership of the document.

  • Another most important difference between the two is that electronic signature is available to be accepted and authenticated in several forms like a verbal recording, scanned signature, or a ticked box.

On the other hand, the most common and popular types of digital signature are based on Microsoft and Adobe, which are two document processing tools.

  • While using an e signature, the possible ways to authenticate it is by using a phone verification code, the email address of the signer, and a few others.

A digital signature follows a finely measured digital ID authentication process to get validated.


The differences between the two very confusing terms are very well explained above and it can now be expected that there are no doubts remaining in your curious mind regarding the two.

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Both e-signature vs digital signature have their own relevance in the digitally growing world. It depends on your purpose that which one of them serves your requirements.

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